Paid Social Media Campaigns

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Paid social media campaigns are an essential complement to your organic social media strategy. Organic posts only reach a fraction of your audience and have limited exposure to new audiences. Organic reach and engagement figures have been in steady decline for several years. While a consistent, strategic approach to creating valuable organic content can absolutely compensate for some of this and grow your brand organically, paid social campaigns are a robust tool to pair with your organic posts.

Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more – if it’s a social media platform with an ads manager, we can work with it. Social ad platforms offer sophisticated targeting tools, from interests to demographics and even job titles. No matter your business, you are likely to find a voice on the right social media platform.

Innovative paid social media strategy

Whether you are looking to reach new audiences with prospecting campaigns or reach the heart of your loyal customer base with retargeting campaigns, we at Sprint Digital are committed to developing innovative paid social strategies to help you achieve your goals.

We will evaluate your goals, your audience and your brand to give you recommendations on which channels and tactics are best suited to achieve your goals.

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Testing, testing

Testing is a key part of our company ethos. We will always test, modify, re-test, evaluate, compare, and test again when it comes to paid social campaign improvements. We will explore a range of different advert types, variations in ad copy and calls to action, lead capture methods and more to find out what performs best with each audience.

Keep It Creative

No platforms reward creativity like social ones. Social media thrives on hooks, viral videos, catchy slogans – if you can craft the right message or have a product that captures attention, a paid campaign will only amplify your success.

Whether you are looking to remind people of what they missed out on the last time they were on your site and didn’t make a purchase or reach your target audience with a message about a new offering or a sale, we can create engaging video, attention-grabbing imagery, and sparkling copy to help you achieve your goals.

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