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Aperture Media is a film and video production service based in Cork Ireland. Aperture Media specialises in visual storytelling and wanted a website that reflected that.

Our Objective

Our primary goal was to create a sleek and easy to use website that showed off Aperture Media’s services. This new website would allow us to get good quality leads and improve our overall conversions.

  • Design a new website that reflected their brand and would encourage potential clients to get in touch.
  • Have an easy and simple process on the website for potential leads to get in contact
  • Get good quality leads through their Google Ads.
  • Create attractive and effective landing pages
  • Regularly check for trends on keywords and research what search terms are most relevant to our target audience.
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The Challenge

Aperture Media needed a website that reflected the visual sleek style of their brand while making it attractive to their target audience. Showing off their existing video projects in an attractive way would be key.

With our Google Ads, we had to ensure that we were only targeting relevant companies and search terms to avoid wasting budget on targeting irrelevant leads.

The website went live in April 2020, during this time the Covid 19 pandemic was also in its early stages.

Due to the pandemic, only ‘essential’ video production was allowed meaning many of Aperture media’s services were not allowed to take place. With this new challenge, we added additional remote services to the website and refocused our campaigns to what was allowed.



We met the client to brainstorm their core services, and most requested works. From this we began the website design based on their brand ideals.


For our Google Ads and search engine optimisation of the website we analysed keyword performance to ensure our ads account had a good quality score and that we were driving traffic from the appropriate parts of the sales funnel in each service area to the website.


As we gathered data, we adapted ad text and keyword bids to tailor our ad spend to our top-performing ads and keywords. We also created new campaigns and keyword ad groups for our new remote services.


Whenever we noticed a surge on other trending keywords or services, we would test these out with a new ad group or create a new landing page for the services. By doing this we ensured that our budget went to the areas of the account which were converting and getting business for the client.


Comparing 1 March 2020 – 30 Sept 2021 vs 1 Aug 2018 – 29 Feb 2020

By reducing wasted spend in the Google Ads account, ensuring ads matched both the services offered by the client and the search queries in Google, and working to improve ad relevancy and quality scores over time, Sprint were able to achieve strong results for Aperture Media:

Sprint increased the conversion rate of the Google Ads 53%, indicating the increased effectiveness of both the new website and our Google Ads strategy:

We reduced the cost per conversion by 79%. This was achieved both by focusing on performing keywords and reducing cost per click by 68%.

Key Results:

  • Increase of conversion rate of 53% on paid search
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 79%
  • Increase in overall page views by 14%
  • Increase in average session duration by 39.96% 

Comparing Jan-Feb 2021 vs Jan-Feb 2020

For conversion tracking, we’ve looked at a time period when tracking was in place and found that year on year we managed to increase conversions 585%, despite winter 2021 being a full lockdown in Ireland vs society being fully open during this time period in 2020.

On the whole, both Aperture and Sprint have been very satisfied by the results of the new Ads strategy combined with the new website performance and look forward to even stronger results in the future.

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