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Premier Business Centres is one of Ireland’s longest running providers of office space and virtual offices to both Irish and International businesses. A virtual office is the perfect option for a growing business who does not need a permanent location just yet. The virtual offices provide a professional and secure option for your company, as well as providing a sought after business address. Premier Business Centres wanted to drive more virtual office enquiries to their business, as with the onset of the Covid–19 pandemic and changing business practices as a result of the pandemic, their serviced office space was slowing.

Our Objective

Premier Business Centres wanted to grow their leads for their virtual office service. They wanted to get good-quality leads. To do this, we needed to:

  • Update the existing structure of the website which was focused on physical office space
  • Create new, virtual office-focused Google Ads campaigns
  • Regularly check for keywords and trends for virtual offices on the consistently changing market
  • Create special offers and incentives for choosing a virtual office during the pandemic
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The Challenge

We had to make sure that we were targeting the correct type of companies and decision-makers, and that we were bidding on the correct keywords for this audience. Our budget was limited so we needed to avoid targeting people who had no interest in a virtual office or were looking for services the client didn’t provide. We started promoting virtual offices on Google Ads in October 2020 a few months after COVID-19 pandemic started, so companies were slow to make decisions on investing in new services. The pandemic also made business owners consider new ways of running their business, as many companies started to get rid of office space and work from home instead. So, another challenge was convincing people that a virtual office was a good choice for them.



When we built the new website for Premier Business Centres in April of 2020, we created a virtual offices page. Later on in the year we brainstormed how we would generate more leads for the virtual office campaigns. We decided to edit the landing page on the website with relevant information for the virtual office campaigns.

We then decided on keywords and ad text to use in Google Ads campaigns for the virtual office services to drive more traffic to the new landing pages we created.

We came up with special offers to entice people to sign up for a virtual office, offering 12 months of the service for the price of 10.


We adapted the Google Ads keyword bids and ad text so we could maximise our ad spend with our top performing ads. We also included the special offer in the ad text to catch a potential customer’s eye.


After creating Google Ads campaigns, we continuously tested different ad copy along with closely monitoring the campaigns to see what worked and what didn’t work. We also checked in on the search terms weekly to add negative keywords and increase/decrease bids on keywords depending on requirements and performance.


A new virtual offices page was created in April 2020, we then started the virtual office campaigns on Google ads in October 2020. From April 2020 until the end of September 2020, there were 148 page views on the virtual offices page. For the following six months after the ads went live from October 2020 – March 2021 there were 424 page views which is nearly a 300% increase in page views.

When comparing September 2020 to October 2020, we can see a 100% increase in page views on the virtual office page since the Google Ads went live.

Comparing 2020 vs 2021

There was a 145.48% increase in page views on the contact page on the website, a 71.65% increase on the pricing page and a 3.69% increase in page views on the virtual offices page.

Both Sprint Digital and Premier Business Centres are delighted with these results and have plans to continue to drive more potential leads to their virtual offices service and grow this side of the business. 

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