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We believe in turning challenges into opportunities. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our exclusive Book Direct Audit, designed specifically to help hotels like yours unlock untapped growth potential. Let’s work together to enhance your online strategy and drive more direct bookings.

Hotel marketing specialists

At Sprint Digital we work with over 50 hotels across Europe and understand the importance of securing direct business and reducing OTA commission. Your official website is your primary sales tool and needs to bring your property to life before the guest even arrives.

Digital Marketing For Hotels

Digital marketing is essential to increase traffic to your official hotel website and in turn increase bookings. We specialise in all aspects of digital marketing for hotels. Helping to manage your online presence, create your brand personality and increase your revenue and bookings.

  • Paid search
  • Metasearch
  • Email marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Book direct campaigns
  • Blogs and content marketing
  • Search engine optimsation

Hotel Website Design

In a world where hotel bookings can be carried out by a touch of a button on computers, smart phones and tablets, it has never been more important to have a website that attracts, impresses and converts lookers to bookers. Your website is your shop window, your brochure, your primary room sales channel and your lowest cost online channel.

A hotel website is a highly specialised selling tool. In its most basic form it comprises two pieces of software: the content management system (CMS) which controls the look and feel; and the hotel booking engine which facilitates the management of your room inventory and room rates. Ensuring both systems work seamlessly together is a complex and time-consuming task.

Sprint Digital are experts in this field. We know your website doesn’t just exist to look good – your website exists to generate direct business for your hotel.

While it’s vitally important to have a website that looks great with a super user experience, it won’t deliver business unless your prices are pitched correctly in terms of your competitors, product, demand etc.

Hotel Search Engine Optimisation

Investing in your website content and user experience is essential, however if it can’t be found online then it won’t perform. Using white hat search engine optimisation tecnhiques, we make sure your website ticks all the boxes for the ever changing search engine requirements. From your website coding to local search, we’ll help your hotel get found.

Keep bookings on your own website

At Sprint Digital, we understand the changing landscape of the hospitality industry and the importance of channel shifting for hotels in the digital age. Channel shifting is a clever strategy that allows hotels to adapt to the way people now book online. Instead of relying heavily on third-party online travel agencies (OTAs), we help hotels connect directly with their guests through their own websites and effective digital marketing strategies.

This shift can reduce commission fees and provide hotels with more control over their brand, guest experience, and pricing strategies. Our expertise lies in creating tailored digital strategies to help hotels smoothly transition towards this approach, maximizing profitability and guest satisfaction while staying competitive in the hospitality sector. 

Hotel Case Studies

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