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Your brand is a key part of your business no matter what industry or sector you are in. The branding of your business allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors as well as position yourself toward your target customer. Your brand is what makes you memorable and creates familiarity and a sense of trust with your customers.

Living up to our brand promise is how we ensure consistency between what we want the brand to be, how our customers experience it, and what they tell other people about it.

Defining your brand

6 key areas

Brand Identity

From colour palette to font and logo, design of website and marketing materials.

Tone of Voice

We work hard to deliver the results you expect and a level of care you don’t.

Customer Perception

What role do you play in your customer’s mind? What do they say about you? What problem do you solve for them? 


A mantra or mission statement is a one line phrase that sums up your business.


What human characteristics would you associate with your business?

Tag Lines

Crafting some nice phrases and mottos to use across your website, social media, and marketing materials. 

The Branding Process

How do we start?


Sent to gather your team’s feedback around the brand as it currently stands and invite comment on what direction it needs to go in.


Survey results will be reviewed and we will begin working on concepts for your new brand identity.


We will present all concepts and ideas to you and discuss your feedback. The concepts will be developed further until everyone is happy!


This is where we bring your brand to life, whether that’s on a new website, a brochure or on social media.

Brand Book

We will design your brand book. This document includes guidelines on how all aspects of your brand should be presented both online and offline. 

How can we help you?

Strong branding can help attract new customers and retain existing in many ways. A strong brand makes you memorable, if people enjoy, interact, and remember your brand this results in increase word of mouth marketing. It makes you stand out; when a potential customer is making a decision a professional, consistent, and visually appealing brand will give you a competitive edge.
When it comes to developing your businesses brand you have many options, you can do it in house, work with a consultant or work with a branding agency. Often digital marketing agencies will offer a branding service. Every digital marketing agency will offer a different level of service so it’s vital that you check out their website, meet with the agency and ask to see previous work before deciding.

Branding is important for your business for many reasons, firstly because it makes your business stand out from the crowd. Secondly it makes your brand recognisable anywhere which helps build trust with your customer, encourages brand loyalty and recognition. 

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