PREMIER SUITES Europe Case Study


The PREMIER SUITES brand consists of 15 serviced apartments across, Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe.
Before embarking on our PREMIER SUITES website project, we managed individual websites for each location, a central group website, a separate PS Life website and duplicated websites in different languages – 24 individual websites in all!

We were looking to streamline the individual websites into one website, making them easier to use, not only from our perspective but also from a user experience.
Our previous CMS limited us to set navigation and page templates, built mostly using a combination of code and text, which added a degree of additional ongoing training for our team. In addition, updates on the website were lagging and needed to be done individually for each of the 24 websites.
Lastly, the website that we used was in place for several years. Since its launch, the PREMIER SUITES brand naturally evolved and grew, which was not reflected on their website and branding. We used this opportunity for a complete brand refresh.

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Our objective


New images for each of the 15 PREMIER SUITES locations. Previous imagery we had on file was taken before refurbishments and property updates. Video shoots – offering a virtual showaround. Branding – This brand targets both business and leisure, so we had to find the middle ground.


One site for all locations, ensuring the booking process is easy and accessible.


All properties accessed through one website, including PS Life, the brand wellbeing initiative.


Segregate the website to appeal to specific target markets and easy navigation. Increase in conversions.


Revamp to a modern, fresh, image based website, reflecting the current brand.


Ensuring each location is within top search results.


We wanted a website that relies less on writing and understanding code.


Making the website accessible across multiple regions.

The Challenge

With so many properties involved we merged each locations feedback on what they envisioned for the new website. The main criteria for the new website were image-focused, more user-friendly, modern and cross-selling the brand.

The previous websites contained dated information. We created spreadsheets for the properties to complete to ensure consistency of content across all regions on the new website.

Proofreading all the content sent by the properties to ensure consistency of writing style and avoid grammatical errors. Of course, we also added keywords for search, where appropriate.

We merged the booking engine of 15 properties into one booking engine. We needed to ensure we worked closely with Rate Wise and Net Affinity to ensure no issues arouse from this change over to pre-existing or future guest bookings. Here, we were able to work with the revenue managers for each region and streamline the packages available at all locations – offering packages as a brand, rather than individualised.


We had weekly meetings to discuss the look, feel, layout and colours of each webpage. Once each page was created we were able to save it as a template which allowed us to duplicate for each location with their individual information and images.

The sales managers of each property were given deadlines to send over information for each webpage, for example their room types, amenities etc. Once received these were proof read to ensure no grammatical errors and unison across each property website.

As this was such a large project we pulled in extra people from the Sprint team to assist with uploading information, completing SEO, fact checking, selecting images and optimizing the text to include relevant keywords, which we had researched previously.

The goal of the website refresh was to make it more functional, modern and easier to navigate.



  • Average increase in conversions of 129% across 7 locations
  • Cross selling / sales tool – the website allows the brand to showcase all properties.
  • Group booking engine – allowing guests to check availability across all regions.
  • Paid search – Where there are multiple properties in one region, we are now able to direct to a central website allowing the user decide their preferred property. Previously we did not have this feature which prevented us from cross selling within one region.
  • More languages accommodated – the translation widget automatically changes once any website updates are made, ceasing the need for us to update multiple websites manually.
  • Branding – Reviewed and renewed. Giving the website a modern feel and in turn will be rolled out across all property print collateral.
  • Properties now have videos to offer their guests virtual showarounds.
  • User experience – information is clear, easy to find and duplication is avoided from not having the same central brand information across multiple property websites
  • Blogs – With the blogs from 15 websites merged, an abundance of keywords and SEO are found on the website.
  • Adaptability – the website allows us now to choose layouts and templates easily. Updates can now be made without in-depth code knowledge.
  • Tracking – any forms completed on the website allow us to see the exact page this enquiry came from.
  • Increased SEO/keywords – websites are now appearing organically in search results, with all domain values now pointing to one central page.
  •  The cost of Google ads significantly decreased across the properties. For Newcastle the cost decreased by 51%, Liverpool decreased by 47% and Manchester decreased by 45%.
  • The cost/conversion decreased across the board, with a decrease of 2% for Reading and Glasgow George Square and 18% for Manchester.
  • Cost per click decreased on a similar scale across all locations with a decrease of 26% for Liverpool, 23% for Glasgow George Square, 22% for Reading and a 20% decrease for Bristol Redcliffe and Manchester.
  • The bounce rate decreased by an average of 5% for all locations.
  • The time spent on each property website increased by an average of 20%.
  • Calls from each website increased by 100%.

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