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School Is Easy is an educational franchise based in Canada, with additional locations in the USA, Dubai, England, Scotland, Ireland and Kosovo. School is Easy offer online and in person tutoring and grinds for students in Secondary level education.

Sprint Digital were brought on board to assist with their marketing efforts in Ireland and reach their target audience. With our deep knowledge of pay per click advertising (PPC) and experience with the local market, we worked with School Is Easy at both their franchise level and individual franchisees in the Irish market to develop a tailored plan for their goals.

The Challenge

School Is Easy needed an agency partner with extensive experience in the Irish market.

While setting up their paid ad accounts we needed to:

  • Tailor their ads to the different educational landscape in Ireland
  • Discover search queries using local vocabularies
  • Ensure that knowledge of local geography and population distribution was at the heart of the campaign structures and messaging

Put simply, our job was to tell School Is Easy’s story in Ireland.



We created paid search campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads to create brand awareness and drive leads for School Is Easy in Dublin, Wicklow and Cork.

As their offering is both in-person and online tutoring, we were able to target a broad geographic area, and appeal to a wider audience than a traditional in-person only tutoring service.


We developed campaigns that targeted subject- and location-specific search phrases, as well as general keywords around ‘tutors’ and ‘grinds’ for the various education levels they offer. Display campaigns focused on their website visitors to build brand awareness were also designed and created.

Test & Adapt

As this was a totally new structured account, we began testing campaigns at a lower budget to see where we should put our focus.

By experimenting with a combination of automated and manual bid strategies, adding a robust list of negative keywords and ongoing optimization to the ad copy, we were able to drive strong results and improve on these results over time.


With our understanding of the market and audience combined with strategic PPC efforts and creatively written ad copy, we have been able to help School Is Easy establish itself firmly in the Irish market. Below are just a few of our highlights:

  • In the first 10 months, we were able to increase our conversion rates by 137%
  • We have driven over 280,000 impressions and 13,000 clicks for the brand across both Google and Bing Search & Display campaigns.
  • With the focus on online-only services during Covid, we achieved a 10.4% CTR for search terms containing ‘online’, vs a 5.1% CTR across all search terms, by creating ad groups and ads tailored specifically for online queries.

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