All Round Roofing Case Study


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Increase in Clicks


All Round Roofing is a roofing company based in Dublin which serves Dublin and the surrounding counties.


Not generating enough leads from their Google Ads campaigns. Spend was increasing without an increase in enquiries.



Paid Search Campaigns

We identified that one the main reasons for the high cost per lead was due to the high cost per click in their campaigns. From here we segmented the campaigns in a manner that allowed us to control the cost per click more closely.

We also changed the bid strategy and added many more relevant search keywords to ensure we were capturing the maximum available volume of queries and potential leads. By adding many more relevant searches, we dramatically increased their lead volume and by changing their bid strategy, we dramatically reduced their cost per click and cost per lead.


We identified that the client’s website was not mobile friendly and had become out of date. To improve their quality score and lead generation effectiveness, we created a new professional and fully responsive website which provides an excellent user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 



Decrease in cost per click – 58%
Increase in clicks – 351%

Not only did the cost per click decrease, the quality of the search terms that triggered their ads significantly improved which meant that lead volume and quality also increased.

regular communication

We hold monthly conference calls to help keep the All Round Roofing team up to date on the projects and tasks we’re working on. This is helps them connect the work that goes on behind-the-scenes with the end result. 

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