Why SEO is an investment in your business, not a cost to it

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Your website is the hardest working employee in your business. Available 24 hours a day through mobile phones, tablets and desktop machines, your website is doing the hard hours, pulling in leads, sign ups, revenue and incredibly valuable data about your target audience. It has a global reach, can speak in many different languages and can handle multi-currency transactions. It can handle hundreds of queries in one go and never rings in sick.

It can talk to many different audiences, teenagers to retirees. It can help you attract new employees and gives you a platform to showcase your work. Your website should be your employee of the year, every year. They say if you look after your employees they will look after your clients, right? So why are some companies not looking after their number one employee – their website?

Some businesses build a website and see it as job done, when in reality, that’s only the first piece of the jigsaw. Let’s look at another critical part of that jigsaw – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


SEO is the process of enhancing the quality of a website to gain high placement in the search engines’ search results. This means attracting more visitors and generating quality traffic to your website. Most people have a limited understanding of SEO and believe there’s a bit of witchcraft involved. But here’s the good news, it’s not all that complicated and there are some basic steps you can take to make sure you are (at the very least) covering the basics.


  • Do some keyword research and integrate those words into the content of your site
  • Make sure your website has good site speed and a great user experience
  • Start a blog and optimize it
  • Work on building quality backlinks to your website
  • Make sure your Google My Business listing is complete

That said, Google ranks websites based on hundreds of other factors so while some businesses may choose to have a stab at it themselves, we recommend outsourcing it to the experts who can take it to another level and tackle the more complex areas such as link building, technical SEO and content marketing.

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