The Importance In Investing In Your Own Photography

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From building a website to social media, having your own photos is key in standing out from your competitors and showing your personality.


Today stock photos are so overused we can spot them a mile away! Seeing the same photos over and over is boring and can even come across as lazy and impersonal.

To showcase your business’s personality it’s important to use unique photos – ones that aren’t likely to be on your competitors’ websites. Stock photos are available to buy by anyone online so the same photos can be on many websites. Building so many websites has made us hyper-aware of the most popular stock used in hospitality – and there are some definite favorites.


Very often we see the same staged photo of someone in a headset smiling, ready to take your call and answers your questions. The perfectly staged photos are now turning people away as customers want something real. Using your own photography creates a unique experience on your website that might just encourage your users to stay a little longer.


The best thing your images can portray is an honest description of your business.

When planning a website build, we aim to have our photography done before writing the content. After mapping out what we want the site to look like we plan what photography is needed and write our content. Photography is just as important and as the content and design of your website when it comes to your customers.

We arrange a professional photographer to showcase the best aspects of your business and ensure your photos are up to date. When we know the ‘look’ of your business it is easier to create the design and feel of your website and marketing.


Stock photography has been around for some time! Many of them are so generic and bland that they have become obsolete all too quickly. From out of date décor to technology it’s not hard to see why. The best and most natural business photos are those that appear to be candid with an honest and natural style.

Stock photos are typically over posed and over staged with the brightest of white lighting. Luckily this isn’t typical of most Irish work environments so showing your true company feel will help our customers relate to you.


You may be in a situation where budget and timelines are a constraint and you feel you have no other option. If this is the case, choose your photos carefully and avoid using too many.

Other image editing software may also be an option to make the photos unique to your business such as Place IT or even Canva.


If you’re looking to promote your business’s personality and give a real look inside to your customers, then original photos are for you. There’s always a push to promote a company’s identity the more successful a business becomes. The long-term benefits of original photography far outweigh the short-term benefits of stock. Using your real team on your website creates a connection with customers before you even meet.

Try avoiding the same old pictures of people in suits shaking hands and jumping for joy and showcase your lovely employees instead. It may take some time to prepare but once you start to plan a professional photoshoot you will start to realise the importance of telling your story. Showing your true business and personality is always the best option.

Taking the time to invest a day or even a half-day in taking your own photos that you can use across all your marketing is well worth the investment. 

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