Struggling To Create Social Media Content?

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Find yourself struggling for content for social media, blogs and your website? Lacking inspiration for new ideas? Creativity has hit a brick wall?

While we understand that it is daunting to continuously find new content to post to your business’s social media channels, what if we told you there is a simple tool to keep your ideas flowing?

To get noticed and appear on social media users’ feeds, you need to post a lot of content. However, even for professionals, it is a hard task to stand out from the crowd while creating engaging content that your followers will genuinely enjoy.


The Content Pyramid is defined as: “The development of content and related assets intended to reinforce common messages/themes through multiple content formats, distribution methods and promotion channels across owned, earned and paid media.”

Simply put, you can start with a single piece of high-quality content, which is placed at the top of the pyramid. This could be something such as a product launch, rebranding, or winning an award. This content is then broken down and repackaged into several different forms of content to suit different social media channels and different consumers.

Taking our example above of a new product launch, this can easily be turned into:

  • Countdown to launch date posts
  • Newsletter introducing the product (as well as subscribing to newsletter posts)
  • Online or in-person demos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Blog Posts
  • Social media content
  • Image posts of the product in action
  • Price comparison details
  • Pre-launch sneak peeks
  • Press release
  • Footage and pictures of your launch party, if you have one

And just like that, you can create several dozen pieces of content from one activity.

Our simple diagram below further explains:



Original content that involves research and/or deep insight into your company or company achievements. This will be the primary source of all your content, so ensure that this is high quality, interesting to your target market and helps shine a spotlight on what your company has achieved.

All remaining levels of the pyramid will drive your audience to this core content.


Content trickles down from Level 1 on the pyramid, using quality chunks of information from the core content. This would include focused pieces of information, which often can be more accessible and created in a variety of mediums to appeal to more audiences. These could include longer blog posts, presentations, or infographics, again, all guiding the audience back to the core content.


Typically, the “bread and butter” of your content marketing, level 4 content is produced more frequently than level 2 and 3 content, for use weekly if not daily.

Blog posts are the most common content here, while contributed content can also be quite powerful to drive users to your platforms and company site. This content typically includes backlinks from partner brands or other sites featuring your brand. Contributed content can significantly increase the number of users that see your brand beyond the parameters set by your own social media and website.


Lastly, the final tier of the content pyramid is promotional content.

These are usually the conversation starters that lead back to the bigger picture from level 1 – micro-content that will help to build awareness of your brand. This level will include fast-paced, easily digestible content which usually involves low effort to create – such as social media posts.


Next time you’re struggling to create social media content, think about how your high-quality posts can be repurposed to bring your social media feeds to life.

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