Simple Ways To Convert Your Website Lookers Into Bookers

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Is traffic coming to your website but users are not making a purchase? Are you receiving engagement on social media, but not getting a sale over the line? Do you hear positive comments about your business, but this isn’t reflected in your revenue?
Read our guide below for simple ways to convert your website lookers into bookers – our team is on hand to assist with any of the below steps!


You know all the information is there, ready for customers to see your product/service. However, is your website user-friendly? In today’s fast-paced world, if a customer needs to spend time searching for answers, confused about your offering, or simply is faced with a slow website – they will go elsewhere.

We have a list of some examples that may prevent a sale on your website, do any of these apply to your brand?

  • Do contact forms work and are the inquiries sent to a designated team member?
  • Are your images are up-to-date and do they reflect the current product?
  • Are all payment processes swift and hassle-free? Have you completed a test purchase to ensure there are no issues here?
  • Is the load speed up to par?
  • Do all the links work within your website?
  • Have you completed A/B testing? Try out different layouts, descriptions, or imagery on your site and compare the results. For this method to work, you will need good levels of traffic to the test pages to avoid misleading conclusions.


There are tools that allow you to view what your website visitors are clicking and how far on your page users scroll. We recommend using Hotjar. This tool also allows users to send feedback on your website for both a positive and negative experience – which may assist you in pinpointing any website user issues. The tool will also allow you to see if users are scrolling enough to see all page contents, or at what point interest is lost. Again, you will need good levels of traffic to avoid misleading conclusions.


Reduce the steps to complete a booking on your website. Provide only crucial information here, to avoid customers reading through long lists and details. It may help to just confirm the booking and deal with payments later.
This is especially true when a customer is booking on mobile – the smaller screen makes it harder to enter details and move through stages.
A quick booking form will prevent the customer to have second thoughts on their purchase and will limit frustrations on multiple forms to complete. Give the customer the option to create an account, so their information is already saved for their return visit.


We all know that word of mouth and positive guest experiences provide an invaluable type of free promotion for your business. Make these experiences do more for you; encourage your customers to leave reviews online about their experience, for everyone to see. Did you work on a large project with a customer, for example, a successful conference? Ask if they would consider writing a testimonial about their experience. These testimonials can then be highlighted on your website or social media. Reviews and testimonials are a great incentive for your team to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Team members will appreciate receiving positive recognition for all their hard work, and your customers will want to return. Websites often allow users to filter companies by their star rating – the higher your rating, the better for your search results.


In your line of work, are there accreditations or guidelines to follow? If so, aim to earn these accreditations. Customers who recognise the accreditation will know that you are a trustworthy brand and will supply a product/service they can depend on.


We all know that doing business online can be competitive to get even lookers to your site. While you may depend on a loyal base of customers who return time and time again, many customers will be focused on price only. These consumers will chop and change between companies who offer the best value for money, without showing loyalty to one particular company/brand. To target this market, you need to ensure that the price you are offering is in the same range as your competitors. If your price significantly outweighs your competition, they are more likely to get more business.


If you can offer a demo on your product/service to prospective clients, do. Show clients the benefits, how it will save them time and money, and how easy the system is to use. Once the demo is complete, make your sale, or take any constructive feedback to improve your brand.
If your service is not something you can offer a demo on, consider reaching out to an influencer to use your service and promote on their channels. Research the influencer to ensure their followers align with your target market. Before making arrangements, an agreement should be made to agree if there will be a commission charge, how your brand will be promoted, how many posts will be made, and what you want to promote.


During the booking process, are you also promoting add-ons to the product/service? Keep any additional products simple and make it clear what the benefits are to the customer at every single stage. If possible, use previous sales data and cookie tracking to discover what products are most likely to sell to the customer.


Train your staff on not only the importance of product knowledge but on customer service. Often a guest will have viewed your website and they may call your team for any questions they may have before making their purchase. Do not overlook the power of good telephone manners or response times and tone in emails when customers are enquiring about your product or service.

We hope our guide helps convert traffic to your website into confirmed bookings. Do you feel like your website’s bookings page needs improvement? Talk to our team today to discuss improvements and make your site more user-friendly.

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