Marketing During Covid 19 : Is Your Brand Business As Usual?

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As Covid-19 continues to impact the global community, it seems like the way we do business has changed overnight.

While many of us are seasoned to doing business in person, we have had limited time to become accustomed to ‘the new normal’ and the changes that bring with it for the way we work today.
Whatever this new normal is for you, read on to discover tips to help your brand through.


What is your brand purpose and mission? What formed the foundation of your company? What is your company ethos and objectives?
Go back to the core attributes that formed your company and use this to make your new strategy. Your company was formed to assist or make life easier for your target audience – never forget this!
Getting back to your roots is crucial right now – think outside the box of how you can make life easier for your clients. A loyal client will not forget the efforts you have made when business is back to normal. Consumers want to know your brand story and enjoy supporting meaningful companies.


In this changed landscape, most ‘bricks and mortar’ selling outlets are no longer feasible, how can you embrace online and make the best of it?

  • Change your platform to allow for contactless transactions online. Embrace online conferencing sites and use them to put a face to a name. The likelihood of many businesses and meetings remaining virtual and online is very high.
  • Send virtual tours of your product, start a newsletter to keep your clients up to date, start a new social media campaign. Get your name out there to let people know you’re open and operating.

From alpacas joining your teams video call to ordering a freshly poured pint of Guinness online, there are no excuses for you not to get digital.


Think about what you can offer your clients that will be mutually beneficial. Offer a promotion that will offer a discount / enhanced product offering to your client, which also ensures cashflow in your business. Gift vouchers if possible are a great way of adding cashflow while helping your consumer. Don’t be afraid to say the fact that buying vouchers will help your business.
Even if your product or service is not currently available, you can continue to offer video demonstrations / tutorials / gift voucher promotions to your clients.


Do you want to be remembered as the business that tried to financially gain from a global pandemic or the company that embraced the change and did their best to support their local economy, employees and stakeholders?
Your people are your brand! When times are good it’s easy to say that you will support your people. When times are hard, keep your promises! Consider what your company can do to support the economy and your people during this crisis

  • Can you offer your service to frontline staff? (either complementary or at a discounted rate)
  • Can you help a struggling charity with their social media? Can you use the time to upskill your people?
  • Your brand behaviour, both with customers and employees, will be remembered when things come back to normal. Discover more about Corporate Social Responsibility in our previous blog.
    covid 19 branding and csr


Do you have a regular client base? Call them to catch up – check in how they’re doing. This doesn’t need to have any ulterior motive to sell your product, but people will remember that you made the effort to keep the contact and support your loyal client base – send a link to host a webinar / post videos online or pick up the phone.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to companies that you may not have a relationship with. They may be looking for your services and their usual contractors may be temporarily closed. Connect with contacts via LinkedIn and invite them to video chat about your company and what you can offer to them.


On one hand, you don’t want to leave your customers feeling as if you are exploiting the health crisis for your own financial gain. On the other, you should not stop promoting your business. Brand silence is not a good option, but it is imperative to set the right tone. Consumers want to hear from you – this will bring back a sense of normality. However, make your selling personable and don’t look for a quick sale.

  • What are other companies in your sector doing?
  • Use platforms and online channels that align with your brand identity and will be the preference to your target audience.
  • Place yourself in the shoes of the consumer; be empathic to what is happening/be inspirational for the future and when this will all end.
  • Address the issue – people need to know they are booking in confidence. You need to address the pandemic and ensure that you’re able to cancel if required and that your company is following all procedures to ensure safety and sanitation.
  • Be engaged: people are thinking and dreaming about wat they will do after the pandemic is over – make your brand something that people will look forward to.


  • Understand your customer and their changing needs. Perhaps your brand positioning and target audience will change.
  • Determine how can your product be updated to meet these changes?
    For example, leading perfumeries such as Christian Dior and Givenchy have started to manufacture hand sanitiser in light of the health crisis.
  • Innovation is key to alter your offering during this time using the resources that you already have available to you.


Nothing lasts forever. Once things start getting back to normal, we will be facing a different economy and customer mindset and we must plan for this now.

  • Use this time wisely to brainstorm with your team how your offering will be promoted and how your offering can change.
    Consider new ways of selling for the future – sanitation will be key for your premises and clients will want to feel safe in your hands.
  • Upskill your staff now so they are trained to in your area of expertise and clients will feel assured with their skills.
  • Plan for the future now: Post Covid-19 the way we do business will be different. Consumers want to feel assured that they have made the right choice with you. Social distancing, hygiene, technology, and customisation will be key for consumers to come back – prepare these modifications for your premises now.

    Remember, actions speak louder than words during these times – use our tips as a guide to set the tone for your brand. The bounce-back will come, however, fortunes favour those who plan – keep your communications open and clear and start thinking today how your brand can support and thrive in your community in the new landscape.

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