How To Pick The Right Digital Agency

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There are many digital agencies out there, from large firms with funky offices to a one-person practice working from his or her home office. Selecting the right fit for your business is an important decision to ensure you get the best from the relationship and the results you expect.

Digital marketing agencies may specialise in one niche area such as search engine optimisation, or they may offer a host of services such as website design, content creation, paid search, brand awareness, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and more.

We recommend you do a bit of research to find an agency that’s the right fit for you. Here are 6 tips to help you seek out the perfect digital marketing partner.


One of the surest ways to judge an agency’s work is to look at how they market themselves online. Have a good look at their own website, their social media profiles, their blog, their tone of voice, their search rankings and their attention to detail across their entire digital footprint. Have they won any industry awards or do they demonstrate any particular areas of expertise that are relevant to you?


You don’t want to hire an agency that uses the same techniques and solutions for every industry. To avoid this scenario, ask specific questions related to your industry and find out how the agency plan to highlight your uniqueness to outsmart the competition.


After some initial research and phone/email communication, it’s time to meet the agency in person. By now, you should have judged how quick they are in their responses, how well they’ve been able to respond to your queries and what successful campaigns they have completed.

In your face-to-face meeting, clarify all your doubts such as:

  • What differentiates them from the rest of the agencies or what’s their USP?
  • Can they offer customised or tailor-made solutions?
  • How experienced is their team?


Read through client testimonials and ask can you speak to some of their current clients for a reference. If an agency looks like they have something to hide, then they usually do.


Low-performance agencies generally have a lower price. Don’t be lured by the agency that charges the lowest prices because inevitably they will give low-quality results too. Price is definitely a consideration when choosing your digital marketing agency but focus more on the value that it brings to the table. Make sure you are provided with an understandable, transparent pricing structure that includes not only the agency fees but any budgets that will be required for the specific campaigns with Google, Facebook etc.


Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Your contract should cover items such as expected response times, billing schedule, confidentiality and exclusivity, GDPR, contract term and termination process and detailed information around the transfer of materials and access to your data if your relationship comes to an end.

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