How To Create an Irresistible Offer For Your Customers

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“That’s too good to be true!” You may have found yourself thinking this when scouring for the best Black Friday deals or Winter Sales this season, even as you found yourself entering your card details before even considering if your purchase was necessary or not.

A combination of a good deal, the time pressure of being discounted for a short period and the urgency of surely limited availability – we snap up the right deals when they come in front of us.

So, how can you make an irresistible offer for your business, whether it’s a last-minute holiday discount or for the January sales?

Get to the Point

Excited to share your brand with your audience? The majority of the time, readers want to get to the point and see the ‘juicy’ information first (your irresistible offer). If deemed worthwhile, your audience will then scroll to your ‘about’ page and learn your more about your brand’s story to ensure you are a reputable business and that they are safe placing their trust in you.

So, how can you make your offer eye-catching?

  • Use enticing headlines
  • Highlight the offer and benefits at the start of the page
  • Use imagery where possible to catch the eye
  • Focus on the user. How can you help them? What issue they may be experiencing that you can help with/eliminate?
  • Prove the value of your offer. What beneficial results will your audience experience?

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you are offering a product or a service where there’s a lot of competitors that your audience can choose from, all promising the same or similar services – how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd?

Compare your unique brand to that of your competitors. What gap do you fill that separates you from the crowd?

For example, at Sprint Digital as standard we offer dedicated account managers, ongoing optimization, reporting and monthly review calls with our clients. Not all Digital Marketing agencies offer our level of service and transparency, so we use this to our advantage. Similarly, focus on what makes your brand unique when you’re developing a special offer.

Prove It!

With audiences being barraged by sales pitches daily, you need to prove that you are worth the investment. How, may you ask?

  • Use credible sources to stand behind your work – whether this is an expert in your field or an influencer who resonates with your audience
  • Testimonials – ask past clients to give you a testimonial. Think outside the box for this – are they happy to record a video testimonial for your brand?
  • Be objective – can you prove results through statistics, revenue, facts, clicks or sales? Compare past client results from before and after using your brand
  • Put your money where your mouth is – offer a guarantee and follow-up service to your audience. This may be the final nudge they need to place their confidence in you

Think About Your Audience

What does your audience like best about your brand or offering? Use this to determine what the offer will be and how it will be presented.

When initially thinking about an irresistible offer, you may think about money and pricing.

However, for some industries, cheaper pricing strategies may not always resonate with your customers. In many instances, what sells is time.

For example, if you are a B2B digital marketing company, are most of your clients time poor and struggling to maintain their social media presence? Do they struggle with branding? Or perhaps website maintenance?

Sell your time and expertise, so your clients can focus on their bigger pictures and their bottom line – while you look after specific elements which may be draining their time.

Reach Out to Smaller Clients

Have you previously sold a small product or service to a client?

Or maybe a potential client made contact with you but did not commit to your project?

Get in touch and offer them your irrestible offer now. They already know who you are and have seen your work, and may have built up a rapport with your team. They may have placed a project on the long finger and your offer may be that nudge needed for a conversation to spark their interest again.

Plant a Decoy

Commonly used ‘Decoy Marketing’ entices consumers to invest in more expensive options, by making the other cheaper options seem inferior in comparison.

Seen below an example from Now TV:

Now TV Price Comparison

Considering bundling your offers into a package and offering more value for money in the higher priced offers. For example, in the example above, we are saving an incredible 55% if we go for the most expensive option.

Consider what bundles and packages you too can offer.

Show Your Personality

People visiting your website probably don’t know you, your brand or your products – it’s imperative to build their trust first.

Ensure your website highlights what you stand for, your story and most importantly your contact details – make it easy for your audience to reach you.

In Conclusion…

  • Make your offer clear, legible and eye-catching.
  • Show how your product/service will help your audience
  • Show why your brand is better than the competition and why you are worth their investment
  • Emphasize how valuable your product or service is in terms of time, not just money
  • Reach out to both potential and previous clients with your latest offers
  • Highlight the offer you would like to sell by also offering similar, but less desirable, options
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