2022 Email Marketing Trends

Jan 28, 2022

Email marketing Trends 2022

Emails has become the preferred way for people to stay in touch about brands and products they care about. Email marketing strategies are always changing with many developments happening throughout each year. Therefore email marketing strategies continue to change as time goes so let’s take a look at 5 trends that we can expect to see over the next twelve months.

1. User-generated content

This is one of the most effective ways to create more conversions and improve overall your organic traffic. To explain what user-generated content means, it is your customer reviews about your products/service, their ratings and even photos of your clients using the products. If users see the positive feedback that you receive from many customers, this helps to create a good impression. This in return increases the chances of conversions. This is all very useful and helpful to increase the chances of making a conversion and also stay subscribed to your future emails. An example of this could be a review recieved from a customer talking about your product or service implemented in the email. 

2. Mobile Optimisation

As the mobile industry continues to expand, it is no surprise that the era we live in, our smart phones have become our everything. It is then recommended that your email marketing strategy must include mobile optimisation to capture the audience. This is where you will most likely find them. The graph below shows the number of mobile email users from 2017 to 2025 as a prediction.
Source: Statista
From the chart, we can see a steady growth in the users opening their emails on mobile, which expresses the value of mobile optimisation. When a user opens the email, it is therefore so important that it loads for them. It is important that the layout of your email loads for the mobile user. If the layout does not load, it is very unlikely that they will view the email again on the computer.

3. Interactive emails

An interactive email is an email that provides functionality for recipients to take actions desired by the senders. Examples of these could be interactive images or animated buttons where they are clickable. This trend is not an entirely new trend we haven’t seen but it is only going to keep growing for 2022. Interactive responsive emails are essential of email marketing. They boost customer engagement and increase email interaction. This can help perform better with your emails. Implementing tools such as animated buttons, CTA’s (Call To Action’s), interactive images and products can help boost your email performance. This will allow to capture the users into your content, making them stick around for the next email that is sent by you.

4. Personalisation

Personalisation in email marketing is when email marketers use the subscribers data within their email to make the content feel custom made to the person. The trend of personalisation in emails has thus become a very important factor as customers want to feel that they are valued by the companies in which they invest. Thus making sure that the customer returns rather than leaving and feeling like the business they love and invest do not care about them. They are many ways in which this can be done such as tailoring the emails toward the user by including their name on the email on the subject line or recommending products or content for the user. An example can be seen below by Sephora where they included the recipients name in the email.

5. Drifting away from open rate

For email marketing, you may have thought that open rate would be a reliable way to see if people are engaging with your emails. This might come as surprising but the days of tracking open rates will be soon over. This trend comes to the news of Apple releasing new privacy settings that impact how we as companies can track. These new settings from Apple include features such as preloading all email content. This means that emails appear “opened” even if the user never actually opens the emails. The update also includes hiding the subscribers IP address from companies. This means for companies, they can not track information such as when users open emails, where do they open them and what device do they use to open the email. So why is this all important? Well to explain, it means that companies can not track the open rate for a large part of Apple mobile users that use Apple mail app. As a result, it is best to shift our focus on what metrics to look at to find out what determines your email campaign a success. Although you can still track the open rates for Android users and PC users, metrics such as conversion rate, clickthrough rate, and bounce rate.
Making sure you stay on top of the email marketing trends for 2022 is crucial for keeping your email marketing strategy up to date and effective

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