Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

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Regardless of the love-hate relationship you have with Facebook, no one can deny the fact that it is the most important social media channel today.

Let’s do a quick reality check:

  • 900 Million people check Facebook every day.
  • Facebook has 2.01 billion monthly active users.
  • 50 Million businesses use Facebook Marketing.
  • 22% of the world’s total population is on Facebook.
  • Every minute, almost 400 new users sign up for Facebook.

Now let’s ask ourselves this question – ‘Should we be a part of this huge community and advertise on Facebook?’
Of course, you should!

(Hmm…don’t see why we asked that question in the first place.)


The application of Facebook is not limited to just posting cute cat videos or pictures of your last vacation.
Facebook can deliver strong returns for advertisers and businesses trying to make an impact.
Here are 5 points you should definitely consider to maximize your social media marketing potential.

Speak directly to your audience

Facebook marketing can work wonders when trying to boost the bottom line. To help yourself achieve the same, make sure you post relevant content that speaks to them. Making a good impression in their minds will definitely help you nurture engagement. Businesses already having a customer base should create content with Call-to-Actions that intend to increase the page likes for your Facebook page.

Develop a posting calendar

It shouldn’t be surprising to see so many online social media planners and schedulers surfacing today. Businesses are poor at creating a social media plan let alone maintaining a regular posting schedule. Your followers on Facebook should expect you to post at a certain time of the day. Setting this expectation and abiding by the posting schedule is what will help you improve your engagement rate. Take help of the Facebook Insights to know when your followers are most active and engage the most.

Boost important posts

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? Take Facebook for example. While you can post for free, do you get the expected engagement? Well, most often you don’t. That’s exactly where boosting the posts comes into play. Once you start gaining momentum with boosting posts, you’ll see the positive effects reflecting on the regular posts as well so don’t give the free ones up!

Use Facebook insights

You need to keep a tab on your Facebook Page’s performance. What gets measured gets improved. Try different posting a variety of posts and pay attention to the types of posts that generate the most engagement. Review the reach, engagement and bench marking. Use these insights to help create better social media marketing plans in the future.

Try Facebook ads

If you’re having problems reaching users organically, try Facebook ads. Facebook’s Ad platform is very effective and enables you to target people who like your page or by location, age, gender and interests. This means your ad is being shown to those who are more likely to engage and buy from you

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