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LinkedIn is a great platform that has been around since 2002. There is so much you can achieve from LinkedIn but my favourite part is when used strategically you can get reach and engagement for free. LinkedIn is also a great tool for targeting.

In a previous blog I showed you how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile. Now that you have the box ticked I’m going to show you the best practices to make your LinkedIn profile success by improving your LinkedIn experience and making your profile be seen and get ahead of the crowd.


There is no point having a great profile if no one can see it, that is why it is important to spend some time each week making connections. Remember when making connections to make ones that are of value. For instance someone you used to work with that could give you a nice recommendation. Your current colleagues and decision makers of companies you would like build relationships and perhaps do business together.


It is important to be active on your LinkedIn profile. Not only is it important to post content that you feel your connections would like to see but you should also engage with your connections by liking, commenting on and sharing their content. This is a great way to build relationships and a nice way to stay active without actually posting anything as your interactions will appear to your connections in their feed.


Try to develop a routine for yourself. There is nothing worse than going onto someone’s profile and the last post was from a year ago. Ideally you should be posting at least twice a week, so setting aside some time to decide what you are going to post in the coming weeks and months will save you time in the long run. Mark in your calendar what events are coming up and set a reminder to create a post. Try be unique with your posts to stand out from the crowd.


It is important to get your connections to engage with your posts. By them liking, commenting or sharing means your post will appear in their feed and in turn be shown to a larger audience. The trick is to ask a question when you’re posting. For example if posting about working from home ask your connections what do they feel about working from home, their likes and dislikes, start a conversation.


If you are posting about an event, company, person etc it is important to tag them in your post and use hashtags. By doing this you are allowing your post be seen by that company or person who might then share your post or comment on it increasing the reach of your post or if it is an event you tagged this will mean anyone who searches that event on LinkedIn will see your post and maybe there will be a discussion, like or share.

It’s all about being strategic with your posts. LinkedIn is a powerful network of key decision makers so it is important to be seen and make valuable connections with them. The 5 small steps I have mentioned can really make a difference of increasing your reach, allowing you to build these relationships and make your LinkedIn profile a success.

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