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Are you looking to create a successful social media strategy for the new year? Consider what you have learned in 2021 as we look ahead and prepare for the trends we expect to see surface in 2022.

Social media platforms are growing at an accelerated rate each year with no signs of slowing. This makes it increasingly important to have an agile strategy in place to keep up with trends. Social media is a key part of any marketing strategy, with over 57% of the population using these platforms. So, what trends can we expect to see over the next twelve months? Continue reading as we share the top five areas we expect to become vital aspects for any strategy.


TikTok is on a considerable growth trajectory, with over 1 billion users reported in late 2021. With a 45% increase in users in just over one year, it shows no signs of stopping. Although the app first found success with a younger Gen Z audience, it is becoming more mainstream. Users aged below 30 now make up 63% of the audience.

It is no doubt that they are competing with Instagram as we recently saw the app launch its own ‘reels’ feature to compete with TikTok. Although Instagram is still the fourth most popular social media app on the market, we believe TikTok will be the one to watch over the coming months.

One of the benefits of TikTok is that anyone can go viral. Users can view a timeline with videos from accounts they follow or users from the for you page. This page shows content from accounts TikTok deems of interest to the user based on their viewing history. This gives brands a unique opportunity to share their content with new, relevant users without any paid promotion.

Although there is huge potential here for brands, consider if it is worth investing your time and money on this platform. Can your audience be reached here? Is it worth the time investment to create content for an extra channel?

Sponsored content is currently in the testing phase for this app which could open even more opportunities for brands in the future..


We live in a hyperconnected world today. Customers expect to communicate with brands at every possible touchpoint. Connecting with your customers on social media is a great way to build relationships and deal with any negativity towards your brand.

Boost customer relationships and trust by replying to users on social media in a personalised manner. This approach is becoming increasingly popular as we see many customers flocking to social channels to resolve their queries.

We expect this phenomenon to continue into this year, with those who do not get on board seeing less customer retention.


Social media selling has taken off in recent years as users can now seamlessly complete purchases without leaving the app. All posts can now be ‘shoppable’ with Instagram at the forefront of this social selling movement. The app’s core focus is now e-commerce rather than purely photo sharing.

This way of selling is becoming increasingly popular for e-commerce brands as the apps act as a central hub for both promotion and sales. The trend referred to as ‘social commerce’ provides endless opportunities for brands to reach their customers where they already are and to sell on an additional channel. This feature can currently be utilised on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


We know that our attention spans are decreasing more and more each year. With the launch of new social media apps such as TikTok and features such as stories and reels, it is no wonder we can’t pay attention for more than a few seconds.

Video content is king on social media as it creates a more engaging experience for users. Focus on short-form video content to successfully capture your audience’s attention. Break down longer-form content into easy-to-digest pieces. Content repurposing can be a great way to produce bite-size videos from existing content.


Influencers and content creators arrived on the social media scene a few years ago and have been taking over ever since. The users build up a loyal follower base on their social media accounts which creates valuable connections. Many brands have seen positive results from collaborations with creators as they create more human content.

They are easier to relate to than a brand which makes them more relevant and trustworthy to users. Marketers will need to get creative on social media as consumers continue to wise up to their ads. Working with creators allows for personalisation and increases engagement with your brand. Expand your customer base by working with relevant creators in your industry.

In addition to collaborating with these influential users, it is important to show the human side of your brand on your own social media. The focus is shifting from perfect, polished posts to more realistic content as users want to be able to relate to a brand and see the people behind it. Share behind-the-scenes stories, include your team in posts and have fun wit

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