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Your brand has the power to reach people across the world and it only takes a matter of minutes. This is all with the power of pay-per-click also known as (PPC). Before we dive in what a PPC manager can do for your company, let’s introduce ourselves into what is PPC firstly.

Pay-per-click is a common advertising model in the world of marketing. It allows us as advertisers to place ads on search engines, social media platforms, by then paying the host of the platform when our ad is clicked. A goal of an ad could be to lead the user who clicks on the advertiser’s website where the user can make a valuable action which could be a purchase on the website.

There is multiple services such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads which operate with real-time bidding also known as (RTB). So now you might be wondering what does a PPC Manager do for your company. Well stick around while we explain their role and what they can provide to you for your company.


The role of a PPC manager is to manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns, from strategy to implementation to reporting. This can involve overhauling an existing account’s structure, creating new campaigns and trying out new platforms in an effort to build the best possible campaign for the client. Here are some of the main roles of a PPC Specialist:


This role requires to understand how people search for any product or service. Looking at trends and constantly doing research on your keywords and testing them and most of all to change them when results are not shown. This would provide better results for your ads to be shown.

To further explain keywords are words or phrases describing the product or service that you choose to help when and where your ad could appear. A useful tool for specific keyword research would be Google’s keyword planner which helps you research keywords for your campaigns.


Keeping on top of search trends and the shifting landscape, especially as regards increases in automation and machine learning, will keep a PPC manager busy all week. Along with all the societal trends that happens quiet frequently, it is important to be on top of all the trends that happen, to keep on top of the keywords.


As we mentioned before, the goal of running an ad is to create a conversion. These ads are useful for showing the way to the website or to the business. The leads are also often generated on the website, therefore optimising the landing page plays a huge role for an successful PPC campaign. Optimising a landing page involves improving elements on the website to increase conversions made.

Can you provide an example here please of something you might optimize?


PPC Managers provide value to their customers by analysing the results of the online advertising campaigns and making sure to optimise them to improve conversions when needed.

They can optimise campaigns by adjusting keyword targeting, bid settings, changing audience targeting, adding negative keywords which you can check out our blog about the importance of negative keywords and how to review them here. There are also a huge variety of PPC campaign types to try out, from search campaigns to paid social to video. These adjustments can change and optimise campaigns to perform better and achieve greater results for the customer.


These opportunities help improve the campaigns performance in order to increase your conversion rate – which simply means the rate at which users convert on your website. If 5 people out of every 100 visitors make a purchase on your website, your conversion rate is 5%. Many conversion rate optimisation opportunities involve modifying landing pages which require skills in the web development space. While some PPC managers may be able to do these changes themselves, others may rely on their team to make those changes.


Now that we discussed the role of the PPC manager, it is time to discuss the skill set they need to have in order to be successful. These skills will be required in order to be a master of PPC and to understand that these skills provide the roles and that a PPC manager can provide for your company.


As mentioned before, PPC managers will spend a lot of their time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t for campaigns. Therefore, they would need to be analytical to look at the results and analyse these statistics so they can improve the campaigns performance.


Being creative and always trying new things out will help to direct your campaigns to be successful. Creating new visuals that fit and always trying out new things to experiment will help you and your campaign to understand what best works to achieve better results and performance


In order to further be successful in your campaigns you have to understand and know your brand and the business you are serving to discover customer intent. This way, you will be able to use the right placements, keywords and exactly know what to do for your display ads.


The role of a PPC manager is really important in any digital marketing service and what they can provide for you is essential in seeing performances and results from your customers and or businesses. The role of a PPC manager is exactly what they can provide to you as a business in managing the ad’s being made and looking at in depth the results they provide.

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