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2022 is an exciting year for everyone. We are living through challenging times that have also changed many areas of the digital world as we know it. These changes have forced businesses to evolve their digital marketing strategies and how they sell their products and services online. With that in mind, we will also see these changes in web design.

Here are 5 big website trends for 2022.


People pay more attention to cleanliness and safety now than ever before. Naturally, when people are purchasing products or services, they might take their contents and safety into more consideration than before.

A key task for web design in 2022 is reassuring customers that your products and services are safe.

With this in mind, try using organic shapes, colors and imagery to invoke a sense of comfort and promote healthy habits. Outdoor scenery, modern office spaces with greenery and home décor all work well here. Organic shapes have no rigid structure, and they do not have to resemble anything in particular. Organic colors are what we would see in wildlife.

Less stress creates more success in your design choices.


These days, people’s attention spans are short-lived. We watch short clips on social media. People want information as quickly as possible. One way of keeping people’s attention spans on your website is by including small bursts of entertainment.

This is where micro-interactions and micro-animations come in. Adding small, moving designs to your page is one of the best ways to keep a user’s attention. To go even further, adding animations that react to a user’s actions will further engage users. This might be backgrounds that animate upon scrolling or sections that react to cursor movements.

This can be used to draw focus to key areas on the page. You can use this on crucial buttons, icons and products to draw users’ attention to them.

Color is very important when it comes to these animations. Stick to natural soft colors for your backgrounds and areas which don’t require as much focus. For your areas of interest, use brighter colors to highlight these mobbing interactions.

Be resourceful with how you use your animations. Too much animation can cause distraction and can also be overwhelming. This may also impact your website’s load speed.


The animations we discussed above may not suit your brand’s identity. Instead, modern minimalism is always an option when designing your website.

Modern minimalism assists businesses in showcasing their products and services more effectively and clearly.

When utilizing modern minimalism, ideally you should use simple images and icons which represent or align with your brand. A single blending color should also be used in the background. This helps any other elements such as your products and services become the main focus.

For example, if you sell tech-related products, you should carefully consider the colours you will use on your website. Subtle & vibrant colours indicate a more casual feel, as found on the likes of Apple’s website.

Modern minimalism helps your products stand out and ensures you stay on brand.


3D visuals aren’t exactly a new trend, but 3D is expected to gradually grow as users shop online more frequently. People are going out to physical stores less and less, and imagery is a huge part of the online purchasing decision. However, images provide a limited experience for customers compared to viewing a physical product.

For example, if you sell car components, it would be beneficial to have a 3D scan for potential customers to give them further confidence they have the correct component. Or, if you sell phones, people can get a real feel of the device they will be holding on a daily basis.

3D models are also a great way of keeping people engaged and excited. These can also be used for fun in your header, or with techy products such as watches.

Whether 3D models are right for you depends on your industry niche, but if they suit your brand, they can leave a lasting impression.


You can incorporate accessible design on your website by ensuring that your site is functional for as many users as possible. This means that your website’s user interface (UI) is simple and easy to navigate, fonts are easy to read and appropriate for your brand, colours don’t clash, and you use plenty of white space.

Your goals should be to be accessible, but don’t obsess about catering to everyone. Make your website design and content relatable and easy to use so that more people can benefit from it.


Black and white is a modern classic and will continue to trend in 2022.

This style is simple and fits across many design elements.

Black and white designs help to showcase your products or services while creating a classy, sleek feel. This style is great when you want to ensure your site stays on trend for years to come and doesn’t have too much colour.

Black and white designs don’t work universally for all brands. But this style works well for classy, formal and casual brands. For example, if you want to make your products look sophisticated, you can opt to create a gradient background using black and white colors. If you’re going to create an edgy and modern look, create a sharp contrast between black and white in your designs.


If you haven’t redesigned your website in the last three to four years, this might be the perfect time to rebrand. And if you’re working on a new design, keep these website trends in mind, but don’t forget the ultimate goal: to create a great user experience for people who visit your website.

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