Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Agency

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Building meaningful long-term partnerships delivers the best results for our clients. We work in a culture where each partner makes contributions towards shared goals, supported with effective planning and total transparency.

Choosing the right digital marketing partner is an exciting process. However, the long-term collaborative relationship needs as much focus as the initial selection and onboarding process.

To ensure you get the very best from your agency partner, read our top tips below.


Our client success stories are driven by integrity and honesty, which in turn leads to trust.

Handing over the reigns to your digital marketing partner and communicating business goals and objectives in a transparent way will ensure we are all working towards the same goal and expectations are met.

We like to work as collaboratively as our clients let us. From helping with defining their goals, to the approach used to bring your vision to life.

And almost as important, no hidden surprises along the way!


Before making your decision on your digital marketing partner, assess how they align with your company values. Are you and the agency on the same page? Commit the time and resources to educate your new agency about your business and give them the resources to make your campaign a success – nobody knows your business as well as you do!

Agencies need to understand your business values and reflect them authentically. Do you want to portray your business as diverse, high-quality or collaborative? Let your agency know to prioritise these values.
Do not underestimate this step in the ‘get-to-know-you’ process between your business and agency before the work even begins.


From the beginning of your partnership, involve the decision makers in your company to ensure the strategy and goals set align with overall company goals.

Let creativity flow through your team to create ideas that you feel would work for you and share these with your digital marketing agency to bring your ideas to life. We can also advise on alternatives to make your ideas work better for you and land correctly in current market trends.


While we always encourage key decision-makers to be involved, don’t let the need for consensus slow down your decision-making. Digital marketing is ever-changing, and so should the strategy used to reach your target audience – decisions should be made on time to best reach your audience, rather than missing a potential opportunity to market your company.

If a new decision comes to mind, or a new product/service is launched in your company, let your digital marketing agency know as soon as possible – so they can guide you through the process with their prior experience.


…Or have an idea of what you would like to achieve. What are your company goals? Marketing goals? Channel goals?

Give your expectations on this when choosing a digital marketing agency. At Sprint Digital, we review the goals achieved and targets to hit on monthly client calls – communication is key so we are all on the same page!


Quality work takes time and an adequate budget. Agencies can often turn work around quickly, however if a reasonable amount of time was allocated, better results can be achieved.

The same applies for the allocated budget; you get what you pay for, so plan to invest appropriately and realistically in your marketing.

For a job well done and better results, give your agency time to work its magic!


Agencies get into a flow with a project, and timely feedback from the client keeps that flow moving with momentum.

If you don’t like something, let us know. If something is working really well for you, we want to know that also! This applies equally for an idea or project currently in process. Not feeling it? Let us know so we can change direction.

When you send feedback, it maintains momentum, and ensures key decisions are made with all partners on the same page.


Mutual trust and respect are important for any successful relationship. It is no different with your digital marketing agency. You need to place your trust in your agency that they will execute the goal your company has envisioned and be able to grow with you to develop your marketing strategy.

A good agency adds significant value and revenue to your business, while working directly with your team. We always strive to achieve a great working partnership that can last for many years with our clients – your success is our success!

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