The Importance of Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Ensuring Inclusivity and WCAG Compliance at Sprint Digital

We at Sprint Digital have always been fascinated by how visually appealing designs and high-performance functionality create an incredible user experience, much like the perfect blend of design and performance in a well-crafted automobile. In the same vein, the diverse universe depicted in a particularly well-known sci-fi franchise reminds us that our digital world should be accessible to everyone.

Today, we want to discuss the importance of website accessibility and share how we at Sprint Digital use Elementor, WordPress, and our partnership with AccessiBe to make the web more inclusive.

The Importance of Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is the practice of designing and developing websites to be usable by people with various abilities and disabilities. This includes providing alternate ways of accessing content for users with visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor impairments.

The importance of website accessibility cannot be overstated, as it ensures everyone can access and benefit from online content regardless of their abilities. Here are a few reasons accessibility is important for your site:

  1. Legal compliance and ethical responsibility: Adhering to accessibility guidelines like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ensures that your website complies with various laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal action. More importantly, it demonstrates an ethical commitment to inclusivity and equality in the digital space.
  2. Broader audience reach: Accessible websites are designed to cater to a wider audience, including people with disabilities and those using assistive technologies. This ensures your content reaches a wider user base, boosting your website’s traffic and potential revenue.
  3. Enhanced user experience: Implementing accessibility features enhances the user experience for all visitors by making your website easier to navigate, read, and interact with. This leads to improved user satisfaction and higher conversion rates.
  4. Improved SEO: Search engines like Google favour accessible websites as they are better structured, making it easier for search engine crawlers to index the content. This results in higher search engine rankings and increased visibility.

How Sprint Digital Prioritises Accessibility

Sprint Digital is committed to designing and developing accessible websites that score 100% on accessibility, according to PageSpeed Insights and WCAG. To achieve this, we rely on various tools and platforms:

  1. Elementor and WordPress: Our primary design and development platforms, Elementor and WordPress, have built-in accessibility features. We harness these features to create fully accessible and compliant websites that cater to diverse user needs. Furthermore, Elementor and WordPress offer a range of accessibility plugins that can help enhance your website’s inclusivity.
  2. WP Engine Hosting: Our choice of hosting provider, WP Engine, ensures that our websites are fast and secure, with top-notch performance. A fast-loading website is crucial for accessibility. It provides a better user experience for everyone, including those using assistive technologies.
  3. AccessiBe Partnership: We proudly partner with AccessiBe, a leading accessibility solution provider. AccessiBe’s AI-driven technology automatically scans and adjusts your website to meet WCAG and ADA standards. This partnership enables us to provide our clients with an accessible website without compromising design or functionality.


Website accessibility is not just a legal requirement or an ethical responsibility; it is essential to creating a genuinely inclusive digital space. At Sprint Digital, we understand the importance of accessibility. We are dedicated to designing and developing websites that meet the highest standards of inclusivity.

By leveraging Elementor, WordPress, WP Engine, and our partnership with AccessiBe, we ensure our client’s websites are visually stunning, high-performing, and accessible to diverse users. As a result, our websites offer a truly inclusive experience, reaching broader audiences and fostering a positive online presence for our clients.

So, whether you’re an automotive brand looking to showcase your latest models or a fan site sharing the latest news from a beloved sci-fi universe, Sprint Digital has got you covered. Our commitment to website accessibility ensures that your digital presence is engaging, inclusive, and compliant with WCAG standards.

Let us help you take your website to the next level and create a more accessible and inclusive web experience for all. Contact Sprint Digital today to discuss how we can work together!

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