5 Essentials To Create An Effective Landing Page

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A good landing page is essential if you want to optimize your paid ads and SEO content, as well as provide a good user experience for your audience. A good landing page should focus entirely on what you are offering and should have specific elements that will lead to getting a sale.


A landing page is a page within your website, that is used for marketing purposes. You can create a main page that is used throughout your website or a single page for a single purpose, i.e. for a Google Ads campaign, a new product launch, etc.


Landing pages are a quick way of getting the attention of your customer by creating content that is targeted to their exact place on your sales funnel.

Plus, landing pages deliver more conversion and sales as it is so focused on a product and an ideal customer. It also adds up quality SEO when you add high performing keywords to your text.

And lastly, it helps you analyse the data more efficiently too. If you want to find out what channels are driving more traffic and sales, you can check the landing page performance by reviewing the analytics data.

How you find it and how you use it differs from a regular website page. A successful landing page is built by following a few items that we will discuss below.


One of the key elements of your landing page is to detail your unique selling proposition. This is your key differentiator from your competitors. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd and sell yourself better than other brands.


Describe the benefits that your customers will get by choosing your product or service. You can work with detailing the pain (or the problem) and offering the pleasure (or solution). For example, you know your clients struggle to buy jeans online because they never know if they will fit.

Then you will have to explain how your product will solve this issue. Following this example, you decide that you will promote a new feature on your website that lets customers add their photos and measures to get a more accurate fitting description.


Make sure you explain everything you need with your main headline and sub-headline. Keep it short and sweet. When brainstorming ideas for the headline, think about what is the number one pain that your customers can complain about: “struggling to buy jeans online that fit you?”. Or think about the main benefit of your product too: “Buy online jeans that you will know fits you”.

With your sub-headline, it should mainly be another supportive argument for your headline. So if you presented a problem on your main headline, on your subheadline you should present a solution: “We have a new feature that guarantees an accurate fit for your jeans”. Or support your headline with strong statics such as “99% of our clients don’t return their jeans with fitting issues”.


A strong call to action – your button that links to your offer – must refer back to your unique selling point – your key benefit. This will explain to the customer what they will get from that link. Use your buttons to improve the user experience on the landing page and to clarify what to expect from your service. Thinking of the jeans example, a good CTA would be “Virtually try on the perfect jeans online” or “Get the perfect jeans with this two-step feature”.


Your point will sound more convincing when you can show proof that your product works or that it improves the customers’ experience. Research from BrightLocal affirmed that the average consumer reads at least 10 reviews before trusting a product or service.

Using relevant data can also help you increase your power of persuasion. As an example, “9 in 10 that have used our new feature found that their jeans fitted perfectly”.

Another powerful tool is testimonials. You can get positive testimonials from customers or experts, including their images and names. That adds an extra layer of reliability.

Lastly, adding trust seals and awards are other key elements that will help increase your trustability. If your product has received any, it’s worth mentioning on the landing page.

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