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Website trends are always changing and more people are booking services online. If you don’t keep your website up to date you can be left behind in functionality and design. In fact, a new website is recommended by Google every 3 or so years. We built a bespoke hotel website for Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort in early 2020. It’s now been online for a number of months and we’ve reviewed how their user behaviour has changed.

Our objective

  • To create a new website for Tulfarris that better reflected the brand and updated look of the hotel.
  • Make the website more attractive to visitors
  • Make it easier for users to convert and book
  • Showcase the hotels own website as the best place to book
  • Make the website a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

The Challenge

Competition in the hotel industry is huge. Competing with OTA’s can be extremely challenging as they have huge PPC budgets and are in a stronger position to bid on generic terms. In addition to this, they also bid on our brand names.

When it comes to selling rooms online there is a misconception that OTAs are the cheapest option. It’s important that if we get a potential customer to our website we do whatever we can to secure that booking. We needed to showcase the Tulfarris Hotel’s official website as the best place to book.

The Process

Before starting any website build we meet with the client to identify their needs and priorities. In this case, to show the features of the hotel and encourage guests to book directly on their website.
At this meeting, we discussed how they wanted the website to look and feel as well as any functionalities that are essential. We chose fresh new colours for Tulfarris to complement their beautiful rooms, and newly refurbished bar and reception. Tulfarris’s tone of voice would remain the same – classic and elegant.

We decided on a site map and began working on creating content. Once we decided on the look of the homepage, the rest of the site would follow suit.
Our main message across the site was to showcase the ‘Best Rate Guarantee’ and encourage direct bookings.
We also used large images to showcase the elegant rooms and stunning grounds of Tulfarris to potential guests.

The Results

To know if user behaviour had changed, we compared it to the same time the previous year.

Comparing June 2020 to June 2019 – Heres what we found:

  • A bounce rate decrease of 21.23%
  • Pageviews increased – 51.67%
  • The average booking value increased by 29.29%
  • A decrease in page load speed by 50%
  • A 68% growth in pageviews of the booking engine.
  • Organic search results up 27.12%
  • The number of users who visited the gallery page and booked increased by 158%
  • Blog page visits increased by 700% – the average order value of these users increased by 89%

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