Osprey Hotel Case Study


Return on Ad Spend

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The Osprey Hotel is a luxury resort hotel in Naas, Kildare. Featuring a Hugh Wallace designed spa, leisure club, bar, and restaurant, it is popular for families, couples, girly getaways and of course weddings and events, as well as a preferred destination for business guests.

Our Objective

To target and convert users who may not know about Osprey Hotel and are using generic search terms such as ‘hotels in Kildare’ or ‘hotels in Naas’ to find somewhere to stay.


The Challenge

Like most hotels many bookings are lost to online travel agencies such as booking.com and Expedia. As these booking websites typically work with every hotel in the area, they can offer all properties in one place with an extensive selection of options depending on the clients’ requirements.

These sites are trusted by millions of bookers and are unfortunately perceived as having lower rates than those on the hotel’s official website. In addition, they invest millions each year in paid search advertising, making it extremely difficult for a stand-alone property to compete with.


We set up a number of new search campaigns targeting generic keywords that would help promote and generate additional room sales. We kept the targeting as specific as possible by introducing an extensive number of negative keywords, this helped us exclude irrelevant searches.

Often generic search campaigns can be very costly and we took this into consideration when deciding our bidding strategy. We took a number of steps to ensure we could get impressions and clicks without consuming our entire budget.

We continually optimised the campaigns for the duration they were running while reviewing the performance in all regions, devices, specific keywords, and much more.


For a relatively small investment, we optimised the campaigns to secure a ROAS of 10:1 over 12 months. That’s 1000%!

115 bookings were generated making a conversion rate of 1.92%.

Due to the success of the campaign, we are continuing to run generic search ads on behalf of the Osprey Hotel.






Conversion Rate



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