Hotel Isaacs Case Study



Direct Conversions


Hotel Isaacs is a boutique hotel located in Cork city with a fine dining restaurant and popular cocktail bar.


Hotel Isaacs has implemented a book direct strategy to get more of their guests to book directly via their official website instead of through OTA’s such as & Expedia.




Created campaigns that targeted the hotel brand name and variations. Ensured we did not bid on traffic that was not likely to convert.

Bid Adjustments

We made bid adjustments for traffic that was most likely to convert, depending on device, demographic and other criteria.


We watched our competitors to try and keep our impression share as high as possible for a good cost per click.


We segmented all our brand campaigns to give us more control over who we target and when.


Our ad text and landing pages were aligned around the exclusive benefits that direct bookers receive and this ensured that we achieved a high conversion rate.


Investment: €1,445

Clicks: 6,033 to official website

Direct Conversions: 287

Revenue Generated: €61,552

Average Booking Value: €214

Return on Investment: 43:1

Cost Per Aquisition: 2%

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